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Greek overview

Welcome to the Greek translation group for Backdrop CMS.

Καλώς ορίσατε στην ομάδα Ελληνικής μετάφρασης του Backdrop CMS.

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Backdrop CMS

ProjectVersionDownloadsDate createdUp to date as of
Backdrop CMS1.24Download (316.8 KB)2023-Jan-192023-Jan-19
Backdrop CMS1.23Download (318.17 KB)2022-Sep-202022-Dec-15
Backdrop CMS1.22Download (326.94 KB)2022-May-262022-Dec-15
Backdrop CMS1.21Download (333.07 KB)2022-Jan-182022-Dec-15
Backdrop CMS1.20Download (336.83 KB)2021-Sep-172022-Dec-15

Website Status

The basics work. See the roadmap on GitHub.